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Garbage Dumpster

Junk Removal

Our junk removal process is straightforward and easy to understand. You call us, we come to your property and give you a no obligation, guaranteed price to remove any/all unwanted material from your property. If it is not radioactive - we will take it!

The price we quote is the maximum price you will pay, regardless of how many cubic feet or weight the material winds up taking up. Most times, we can remove the materials on the same trip we make to provide the quote if you award us your business.

Our pricing is based on the amount of material we remove. Most materials are priced by the cubic foot, with heavy items such as brick, concrete, roofing and similar materials priced by the pound.

White Brick House

Property Preservation

Sometimes things don't go as expected. Properties fall into a state of disrepair for a variety of reasons. Vacant properties require some specific actions - clean outs, winterizing, changing locks, regular lawn cuts, securing exterior doors and windows to meet local and federal mandates. 

Give us a call if you are a bank, realtor, real estate investor, business, or any other entity that requires these services on a regular basis. We understand and comply with all HUD pricing and reporting guidelines. Hire us to fulfill these requirements, and you can rest easy knowing we are protecting your best interests every step of the way.

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Waste Management

Appliance Removal

If you have old appliances you need removed from your property, give us a call. If it is still installed, we will come out, uninstall it, make sure any electrical or plumbing connections are safe and secure, and take the appliance with us when we leave. If it's laying around taking up space, we will take those too!

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hot tub cleaning

Hot Tub Removal

Do you have an old hot tub that needs to go? Give us a call - we will come take it off your hands. Unless the removal is complex, the cost is $200. We remove it, ensure any plumbing or electrical issues are safe and secure, and take it with us when we go.

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Home Demolition


Do you have an old shed that needs to come down? Cabinets that need to come out of your kitchen? An old roof that needs to come off your house or garage?

Give us a ring and we can come out and provide you a no obligation, guaranteed quote on doing the demo work, cleaning up the mess, and taking the debris with us when we go. No job is too big - or small. It's fun to knock stuff down!

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Local Moving

Family growing? Need to move to a bigger place? Kids finally out of the house? Time to downsize to a different place? Give us a call - we would love to help. We will come out and talk about what you need. Once we understand what you are looking for, we will provide a free, no obligation quote to help you with whatever you need to make the move. 

You pack and unpack your stuff and we move it? You bet!

You want us to pack your stuff and move it and you will unpack it? Great!

You want us to pack your stuff, move it, and stick around to help unpack everything? Happy to!

No matter what you need, we are happy to provide fast, friendly, and affordable service.

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Bright and Modern Kitchen

Kitchen/Bathroom Remodel

Do you need a room painted? Do you need a few light fixtures installed? Do you need a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel? Need your driveway resurfaced or replaced? Give us a call - we can help you with whatever you need. We will come out, discuss your project with you, and provide you a free, no obligation, guaranteed quote. No job is too big - or too small.

Our team has decades of experience with every type of construction project you need. Where necessary, our licensed, bonded, and insured team members will pull all the necessary permits and work with town inspectors to make sure your project is done legally, safe, and to your complete satisfaction.

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No project is too big or small for Junk B Gone. Get in touch today for an initial consultation.

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